Distribuidor Oficial de AirTrack Factory en España
Distribuidor Oficial de  AirTrack Factory en España




AirTrack P2 & P3

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AirTrack Factory

About AirTrack Factory


AirTrack Factory is world’s leading AirTrack manufacturer.

With over 30 years of experience in producing inflatable sports equipment we are proud to deliver the highest quality AirTracks and bring safe and durable training equipment to gyms all around the world.

It’s our mission to develop equipment that ensures safety and fun, so that sportsmen can bring out the best in themselves.

Together with trainers and athletes we constantly innovate and develop new products.

Through our global distribution network, we are able to maintain personal contact and a high level of service with our customers throughout the world.

As a result, AirTrack Factory has become the number one brand in over 50 countries, and we are proud of that. Experience the joy and confidence when training on our equipment, and level up with AirTrack Factory!



What are AirTracks?


AirTracks are rapidly becoming standard equipment in gyms all across the world and that is not without reason.

AirTracks are not only safe to jump and land on, they are also airtight, completely flat and even a 15-meter AirTrack fits in any car when deflated!

Due to the variations in thickness and pressures, AirTracks can be very bouncy and safe to land on or sturdy and fast like a springfloor.

They are airtight, completely silent, very small in storage and setup is extremely fast.

From gymnastics to parkour, from Kung-Fu class to physiotherapy; AirTracks are great equipment for a wide variety of sports.

Everyone will have a blast using AirTracks to level up their skills!


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